Who is Vikki Lenola?

Who is Vikki Lenola?

Vikki Lenola was born in Cambridge, Canada – a city 1-hour West of Toronto.

Her first full-time job was at 13 years old. She raised herself from the age of 15, after being pushed out of a truck by her estranged father a couple towns away from home – and several years before she had access to internet or a cell phone. After years of offbeat paths and hardship she is now a successful model in the Toronto area. Her ambiguous Eastern European/ mixed ethnicity and 5’10” height have helped her land modelling opportunities internationally.

Vikki is a spokesperson for animal rights issues and also defends animal rights by taking part in numerous protests. One campaign she is known for is leading protests for PETA against Canada Goose’s use of coyote fur from 2018 to 2019. A couple of these times she stripped down in freezing temperatures to just body paint resembling a coyote. Earlier this year, Canada Goose announced that they would stop using freshly killed coyote fur on their garments.

Often, she shares racy photos of herself and other exciting endeavors with over half a million followers on social media. As a model, she has modeled for brands including NASCAR, the International Boxing Association, Budweiser, Doshi, and Livify, and has walked in various fashion weeks including the highly coveted New York Fashion Week.

Like many celebrities, Vikki follows a vegan diet and lifestyle. Since 2016, she has cut out all meat and dairy products from her diet.

Some of her post-secondary education includes an Environmental Studies degree from The University of Waterloo. Vikki uses her education to better understand the rights she is defending and uses this knowledge to teach others. For example, earlier this year she was a keynote speaker for the Climate Save Movement at a fundraiser for people and animals suffering from the Australian bushfires. She spoke alongside a city councilor in front of hundreds of attendees outside Waterloo Town Square.

Vikki is also an actress having a prominent role as a villain in the hit horror movie Covenant. The film premiered at the Edmonton Film Festival and won multiple awards.

Vikki Lenola

You can follow Vikki on Instagram @VikkiLenola.

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