Introducing BurrnationK9s-The ultimate destination of fine American Bully Breeding and best quality lovable beasts.

Introducing BurrnationK9s-The ultimate destination of fine  American Bully Breeding and best quality lovable beasts.

American Bully Breeding has catapulted as a highly commercial business with great return of investment. But it’s also the most daunting tasks there is. These muscular, hefty dogs are augmentation from the American Pit Bull terrier breeds. They require top tier care and nurture.
BurrnationK9s specializes in fulfilling the ultimate goal of creating this breed as not only alert and strong but the best family companion.
As a result, the business has been able to produce some of the most healthy puppies to their clients and has attained worldwide recognition and unmatched profit.It all began when Alandise Harris decided to start BurrnationK9s in the year 2015. Originally called Burrnationhuskies,the company expanded since 2016 when they entered into breeding and developing bullies and American Pitbull Terriers.

It started with the purchase of two dogs from the biggest and finest kennels, Darkdynastyk9s and xxldesignerptbulls. These intelligent short-haired bully were named Magneto and Azul Ice. The two literally domicilated this ever growing Bully breeding business.
In less than an year, Magneto sold over 6 figures in studs. Since then,the company required no additional purchase but developed from the already yeilding pack.

The superpower of this dog possesses tremendous strength and BurrnationK9s are said to be ultimate at maintaining a proper muscle tone.
The Hulk,from whom Magneto was breeded, was a magnanimous 183 pounds. And Azul Ice’s Sire, Azore was registered at 200 pounds. The companies best products are 142-pound Champion Chics Dig It and 2-year-old Mr. Kickin Drip that weighed140 pounds and went upto 23 inches in height. BurrnationK9s’ most noteworthy produce has to be Ellis Da Demon Recka who was a gorgeous beast weighing 219 pounds.
Besides being the key indicator of this successful venture,
Founder, Harris, is also a well known professional athlete. The 29-year-old six-foot-six shooting guard currently plays professional basketball with Astrum Levice in Slovakia – Extraliga where he has averaged 7.2 points, 5.4 rebounds and 1.5 assists in 19.1 minutes played across 11 games. Before joining Astrum Levice, Harris also played with Zalakeramia ZTE KK and Alba Fehervar.

Harris plays pivotal role of leading this successful program.
Being an athlete at heart, he knows the value of hardwork and discipline to run a thriving business.
It has provided several high quality studs to many recognised personalities like Offset, Cardi B, NBA Player Bobby Portis, and NBA Player Coty Clarke and many more.
The kennel has built a reputation of being one of the best American Bully breeding programs.One that swears by great quality and work ethics.

Want to know more about this loved brand and its breeds? Head to the official BurrnationK9s website or follow their instagram handle for further updates.

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