Italy Based Decentralised Crypto Exchange Enters The Market Powered By Cosmos Blockchain

Italy Based Decentralised Crypto Exchange Enters The Market Powered By Cosmos Blockchain

Are you stuck with only one crypto-currency compatible exchange? Do you want to explore more? Cosmos Blockchain brings a superb technology to make your dreams come true. As technology is taking a new turn in every step, the style of online trading is also undergoing several variations. Therefore, to cope up with the changing needs of the users, the invention of this new platform is a boon. Co-Dex is an Italy-based decentralised crypto exchange that facilitates multi-currency trading at no additional costs. Before the launch of the DeFi framework, the traders must be aware of the benefits of using such a platform for comfortable trading online. A decentralized framework is not controlled by any particular source company or government. Only, it gets an authentic license from the government to operate smoothly over the internet. 

Fulfillment of Multiple Orders

To make you experience cost-effective trading, we will provide a well-suited platform. Co-Dex is the one-stop solution for all your trading limitations and will help you to explore more avenues over the network. In case of the most available trading platforms, the investors have to pay a huge amount for every transaction. However, our platform will give you the opportunity to deal in multiple trading transactions. Moreover, you just have to pay only the transaction cost for a single transaction. So, for all perspectives, you will be enjoying a better performance as you select Co-Dex as your all-time trading platform. To ensure that all your transactions get executed in a fruitful manner, you can trust our smart contract feature. There is the option to set the exact amount for multiple orders and get satisfied with successful execution. Moreover, you can also go for the Limit Order scheme. This will let you fix a price for purchase or sale of a stock. The transaction will be automatically executed when there is a breach of price for the specified limit. 

Benefit of Cross-chain Transactions

The most critical feature of the Co-Dex project is executing cross-chain transactions. IBC is thus starting a revolution in the online trading industry by introducing such an effective decentralised exchange in the market. Since several years, many initiatives were taken to facilitate communication between different blockchains and transact on them. However, it is now possible today with the help of the Co-Dex platform. Finally, we are ready to provide you with an innovative digital platform for uniting different tokens based on several blockchains. This interoperability concept will allow the blockchains to communicate among themselves as they will have a standardized integration. 

The upcoming technology will be the proof of achieving the target in a faster and innovative fashion. This framework, when compared to a centralised platform will show tremendous possibilities to attain success in a convenient and timely manner. We all know that, in today’s world, time is equivalent to money. Hence, there should not be any opportunity to waste the precious time. Think in a smarter way and fulfil all your dreams by choosing the appropriate option.  The advantages of the Tendermint features will be available on the Cosmos Network powered trading platform. Moreover, you can make deposits within seconds. On top of that, you will also get the order book support from the Cosmos Hub. As a result, every investor will be interested to consider the Co-Dex platform over any other centralized exchange. The users will not have to face the third-party transactions as Co-Dex facilitates direct trading among the interested parties. 

The Uses of the Tokens

As a regular trader, you have to deal with various token. Thus, before landing on the Co-Dex platform, you have to know all the beneficial features of these tokens to trade in a desired manner. According to their specifications, these tokens will allow you to transact in multiple currencies being a native of different blockchains. In this section, we are going to enlist some of the most critical features of the Codex tokens or COD2. 

  • To stimulate liquidity it offers buyback program on a periodical basis
  • COD2 can be a payment option for an third-party transaction, in future date
  • After the listing of new tokens, all the COD2 holders will receive a proportionate amount of airdrops.
  • Users must hold COD2 tokens to participate in other ICOs hosted by this innovative platform
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