In life, one goes through stages of development. This happens even in business. And when you
apply the right attitude to life and absorb properly the experiences it offers you, you make giant
progress in your endeavors.

Who is Jimmy Lemieux?

Meet Jimmy Lemieux, known as Jimmy Lemieux on all social media who have gone through
exciting stages of business life to excel in real estate in Montreal in just five years. Today, when
you hear real estate in Montreal, you hear Lemieux’s second name is Real Estate.

Five years ago, Lemieux started his real estate venture, and having great marketing skills he had acquired over the years in the field of event planning, he soared to great heights in the real
estate industry, helping many to find their ideal property.

Being enterprising runs in his blood. Back in 2004, young Lemieux started an event planning
company, A2Z Production, a bar and restaurant in Greater Montreal that catered for parties
across the city. This business attracted the biggest stars and brought him the connections that
would serve him a great purpose in the future field of real estate. He embarked on acquiring
digital marketing skills for he saw the great potential of digital marketing. He became an
expert in online marketing, linking clients at a faster rate.

His Work Assets and Values

Lemieux says ”It is as a marketing and social media professional that I stand out in everything I
do. I have one of the social networks with the largest number of members in Quebec. My circle
of contacts is an asset to provide you with unparalleled visibility!”.

Lemieux is passionate about his work. He takes the interests of his clients to heart, having their
satisfaction paramount on his mind. Are you looking for a residential property, an office
building to buy or you want to sell your property, whatever real estate services you require,
contact Lemieux on all his digital platforms or offices in Montreal and get the ideal services.
His success in real estate stems from the fact he spent 15 years of his life in the field of event
planning, marketing, and strategizing. His A2Z Production was a huge success that attracted
The biggest stars and gave him the right connections for the real estate business. His cordial
relationship with his clients and all who come around him endeared him to many.

In 2017, he started his real estate business and applied all the great skills he had gotten over
the years, surprising friends and colleagues with his staggering successes in a short time, selling about 500 houses in five years. He won several awards in the field of real estate, making his services more popular.

Some of Lemieux’s awards includes: 2019 Hall of Fame
In his 2 first years only 2019 Titan Club award (30TH BEST BROKER IN QC out of close to 3800)
60TH BEST BROKER IN QC OF REMAX of out close to 3800 – Platinum Club.
Lemieux attributes his success in real estate to having good work values, putting customer
satisfaction to the front and being transparent in everything. When customers are satisfied,
they come, they recommend.

Lemieux’s net worth is $2.75 million and his friendly disposition, honesty, competence and
loyalty are assets his customers love about him most.

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