DJ Jerome G – The new age musician to look out in 2022.

DJ Jerome G – The new age musician to look out in 2022.

His music making skills and versatility has earned him a tremendous following on major music streaming platforms.

Music has charmed people since time unknown, and it is potent enough to draw attention of many and make them fall in love with it. We have encountered many music artists who have won many hearts through the rhythms and melodies that they have churned out from their creative selves. Musicians have contributed majorly in getting the music space to the next level as they are the ones who have enchanted all with their musical magnificence which has never failed to draw attention. There have been many such artists who have shown their extraordinary talent, which has been widely appreciated. Amongst the many such names is one name who has done extraordinarily well in the music realm by giving some fabulous music, he is DJ Jerome G.

He has within a short span of time emerged as an outstanding musician who is capable enough of ruling the music industry. His distinctive music making style distinguishes him from the rest of his contemporaries. The music industry is extremely competitive and many who step in to conquer it step back after facing challenging times, but only those who believe in their craft race ahead of all, and DJ Jerome G is definitely one of them. He says that despite all the odds that he faced during his journey, he has never thought of quitting and kept working towards achieving his goals. Eventually, he made his mark as a musician giving some interesting music which include songs like No Regret, Right Foot, Left Foot, Flutty, and Chad 2.0, all of which have been widely appreciated by the listeners.

He says that he is looking forward to creating much better music in coming months and is working diligently towards giving the audiences what they rightly deserve.


to listen to his songs and to stay updated on his new releases follow him on www.instagram.com/mistergotthier.

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