Jonn Poker Dislikes Comparisons with Jeffree Star, Believes Himself to Be Different

Makeup Influencer Jonn Poker dislikes him being compared with celeb Jeffree Star, asserting that he is not just another version of Star.

Toronto, ON (May 17,2020) – He talks about makeup and beauty products, and gives unbiased reviews about the same. But it is his strange makeup routine, quirky crossdressing fashion sense and feminine looks that make him a talking point among fans and non-fans alike. Jonn Poker, the rising star on social media is being frequently compared to Jeffree Star, but says that he has his distinct identity.

Poker’s Instagram fans often refer to him as ‘The New Jeffree Star’, with some also going on to say that he has the potential to be a better version of the latter. However, Poker reveals that he is never okay with comparisons and often feels that he is mistaken to be imitating Jeffree Star. Recently, in an online post, Jonn said that he does not believe himself to be another version of Jeffree but having an identity of his own.

He comments that there might be some similarities between them, but they are two are two very different individuals at the end of the day – each wonderful in his own way. As Jonn Poker makeup artist and as Jonn Poker influencer or even as Jonn Poker YouTube star, he talks about loving the self and supports people who belong to the LGBTQ community but are afraid to open up about their own sexuality.

A fan of Star, as well as of famous celebs like James Charles and Nikita Dragun, Jonn practices makeup every day and has an in-depth understanding of the world of beauty and makeup. His knack for beauty stuffs began some months before he launched his own YouTube channel in January 2019.

Soon after the launch of his channel, Jonn began to experience a rapid rise in his popularity and got as many as 10,000 followers on his channel by his 25th birthday in November 2019. The star is there on many social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The number of followers for Jonn is growing every day, which shows that what he says and does clicks with the people.

About Jonn Poker

A rising star in the fashion and beauty circuit in the US, Jonn Poker is getting popular for his authentic makeup product reviews, video tutorials and music videos. This cross-dressing influencer celebrates his ‘Androgynous’ personality and uses both male and female pronouns to describe himself.

For more information, watch his YouTube video at http://www.youtube.com/jonnpoker

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