Parmarth: A revolutionary & emerging entrepreneur of India changing the face of the IT sector

Parmarth: A revolutionary & emerging entrepreneur of India changing the face of the IT sector

The young businessman with diverse skills lays out trends that will transform the IT sector. 

“Any entrepreneur utilizes his dedicated efforts to search for a change, responds to it and exploits it as an opportunity”, a famous quote by renowned author Peter Drucker, is very apt for Parmarth’s journey to becoming the Next-Gen Tech Entrepreneur of India. 

Coming from a small town in Gujarat, Wadhwan, Parmarth is a successful businessman who in short space of time has established himself as the best in the industry. 

Parmarth dreamed about owning the Best Website Designing & Development Company in Ahmedabad, India & so did he after his continuous persistence & efforts towards the same.

Buoyed by this, he started his own company in 2010 called PM Communications ( Information Technology is one of the biggest if not the biggest sectors in India, which drives entrepreneurs to come up with creative and innovative ideas. In 9 years, his company became the best in the same catering to several clients.

He started working with small scale businesses with a view of helping them excel, he had sharp, instinctive decision-making skills with wholesome knowledge of the IT market, as people started depending on him more than ever for his extraordinary skills & expertise in the work.  

Parmarth is the best example of changing the IT sector game in India as he works extremely hard for any opportunities presented before himself. He also believes in sharing his knowledge to inspire and educate young entrepreneurs; for that, he has laid out five trends that will change the IT sector in the coming years.

  • Telematics – which includes enhancing of wireless network connectivity, remote data management, security against theft and navigation.
  • Intelligent apps – apps which are already in trend to ease the daily routine activities, to remind the consumer of doing a particular activity by being responsive to gestures of the consumer and their voice commands.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – a machine mimicking cognitive functioning like problem-solving & reasoning, i.e. to act and react like a human and delegation of work can be done smoothly for activities.
  • Intelligent things – hybrid technology, an amalgamation Internet of Things (IOT) and artificial intelligence, examples are automobiles, home appliances, etc.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) – sectors of gaming, arts and entertainment, health care and education have been revolutionized by VR and in reality, a top trend to revolutionize the IT sector.

Parmarth created an app and website called to enhance the struggling writers and publishers with creating opportunities to earn.  

Parmarth, along with Jigar Saraswat a best freelance content writer in Gujarat, India and also best digital marketing expert in Gujarat, India with the best Programmer of Gujarat Monish Solanki, launched as well. 

Today he also has a helping hand in developing & growing the website. Parmarth’s journey is nothing short of outstanding, he with his imaginative mindset has pushed boundaries of the IT sector in India and he believes that Gujarat has the potential to be the next huge IT hub.

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