Kadda Sheekoff Business Ventures: The Rising Teen Sensation

Kadda Sheekoff Business Ventures: The Rising Teen Sensation

We all know Kadda Sheekoff for his music and there is no question about it that when you mention “Haitian Fashion”, Kadda Sheekoff is one of the first names that comes to your mind. Since dropping his solo song in June 2019, All My Life, Kadda Sheekoff has released Music after Music and even won 2020 Songdew Pause&Play. With his Music sales, sold out Concert “The Man Of The Hour” in Louisville, Kentucky, and all of the features he has recorded in his music career, it is no secret that Kadda Sheekoff has made a large amount of fans in the music industry.

Aside from all of his own music, there are various other sources that Kadda Sheekoff generates his income from. You may have heard about some of Kadda Sheekoff’s other business ventures, which he has had the opportunity to set up because of his passion for music, Speaking 7 languages including Cameroon “Ewondo” and fashion. These include Sauti Plus Television and a Verified account from Genius by Mahbod Moghadam.


Kadda Sheekoff song “All My Life” was featured on Sauti Plus Television commercial for Redefining success for Young People.

Sauti is a Swahili word that means sound. The SautiPlus campaign is a unique approach that has been designed by Reach A Hand, Uganda to embrace the growing and innovative technologies in social media, radio and TV, mobile phones, print and digital media to address sexual reproductive health and rights issues that affect young people in and out of school ranging from HIV/AIDS, relationships, life skills, teenage pregnancy, child marriages and sexuality among others.

Congratulations are in store for Haitian artist Kadda Sheekoff. He is proof that regardless of your past, you can survive the trials and tribulations and still be a boss in the future!

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