Latest Interview With Musical Artist Chozxn

Latest Interview With Musical Artist Chozxn

Growing up Chozxn knew that one day he would become a household name. Chozxn whose real name is Rudolph, moved to Long Beach, California in 2004. Where he met a man by the name Kiyoshi Aaron Cooper Jr. He was a personal body guard by day and a dj by night. He introduced Chozxn to the extravagant nightlife of LA. They would get the celebrity treatment and would be able to walk right into clubs where the celebrities would be at the top floor establishments. “I wasn’t fully focused on my goals at that time,” he says. “But I knew entertaining was for me. No other job would do.”

Chozxn has faced many trials and tribulations and has experienced a great amount of disappointment, but with each occasion has become lessons that he has learned from over time. Chozxn always had a gift of singing, dancing, rhyming in riddles and entertaining. He would say he’s a poet in motion. One who is full of wisdom from those lessons I learned. He enjoys creating visuals to be noticed or actions to be experienced. “I Love Art in almost all forms” he says. “So, I express myself in many different facets because I’ve lived many places throughout my time.”

Before moving back to the states, Chozxn performed in Japan nearly every weekend. Also preparing parties for the rich and famous such as the Lakers in Roppongi. He even goes to party with John Salley, Michael Cooper and many others. He has shaken the hands of some of the most prominent artists such as Red Man, Jojo from Jodeci, LL Cool J, Goodie Mob and more. Chozxn was also scouted by many record labels at that time, but he was in the military. So, for him it was indeed a very difficult choice to make. His music tells the story of his life in many forms. “It is unwise to judge a book by its cover as the say. I am poetic so my music is written in poetry” he says.

Despite all Chozxn has been through and dealt with, it has made him into one of the hardest working recording artists out today. Chozxn has many projects coming up as far as music, of course, acting and many more. He plans to hit the stage once COVID is lifted and make special guest appearances.

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