Legendary Little River Band songwriter acknowledged for achieving 12 million plays on US commercial radio

Legendary Little River Band songwriter acknowledged for achieving 12 million plays on US commercial radio

When songwriter Graeham Goble recently received a Special Citation of Achievement from BMI for his song ‘The Night Owls‘ accumulating more than 1 million plays on US commercial radio, it became his fifth song to reach that milestone. 

Originally from Adelaide, South Australia, Graeham achieved international success as a founding member of Little River Band and architect of the group’s one-of-a-kind sound, rich in harmony and musicality. Graeham has been acknowledged by BMI for these five classics:

Yes, that’s right, one person wrote all those songs that have connected with so many. Graeham’s discography is extensive and he continues to write and record solo albums, all which have recently been released on all major streaming platforms.

To celebrate the Little River Band’s 45th Anniversary an online museum has been created containing excruciating details and memorabilia about the original band and its members.

Unfortunately, original hit making members of Little River Band Glenn Shorrock, Beeb Birtles and Graeham Goble no longer own the band name they made famous. Late comer guitarist Stephen Housden now owns the Little River Band name and currently licenses it to an American cover band who perform all of the original band’s hits. Lately the American band, their management (A.I.M Rocks, Florida) and legal representation (Kim Cousins of O’ Reilly Stevens Lawyers, Cairns Queensland) have come under public scrutiny for misleading the public, being listed on several scam websites. For example:

It is alleged their press releases, websites, products and advertising material often use the sound, pictures, accolades, awards and names of the original band members to mislead consumers. An example can be found here:

When asked in a 2015 interview on the Australian Sunday Night program, current owner of the Little River Band name, Stephen Housden was asked if he would ever allow the original Little River Band to perform again. His reply was “Not in this Lifetime! (Laughs).

Graeham Goble’s song titled ‘Someone’s Taken Our History’ provides us with the talented songwriter’s feelings on the matter of losing his band’s name.

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