Luxury Antonovich Design – Top Interior Design Company in the World

Luxury Antonovich Design – Top Interior Design Company in the World

As the center of business and international diversity, Dubai was indeed the best city to establish different types of business ventures especially when it deals with the latest technology and modern lifestyle. Dubai has been the home of state of the art skyscrapers and different stunning architectural design. No doubt that Dubai has become the best choice for the most luxurious interior designer in the world – Katrina Antonovich to establish her self-owned Architectural and interior design company – Luxury Antonovich Design. Over the years of the most successful development of projects inside and outside Dubai, Luxury Antonovich Design has been recognized as the best interior design company in Dubai. Luxury Antonovich Design has been developing top luxurious projects in Dubai such as Luxury hotels, Arabian houses, royal villas, mosques, offices, world-class commercial establishments, and industrial structures. With the great leadership and management by Katrina Antonovich, every luxurious project executions are always resulting in the most successful and satisfying result that exceeded every client’s requirements. Katrina Antonovich is very hands-on in the full company operations most especially in every project executions. As she always assures that every project design will have her special touches of elegance that always leads to achieving the most exclusive and sophisticated interior design set up.

As the best interior design company in Dubai, Luxury Antonovich Design has indeed set a world-class standard in developing every project executions according to any type of concept design. Luxury Antonovich Design provides the full professional services from the systematic planning stage of the project, construction procedures, interior design implementations, fit-out work up to the turnkey solution. Luxury Antonovich Design also has its very own furniture showroom – the KA luxury, the largest furniture store in Dubai that is showcasing the widest collection of luxury furniture’s, decorations and the full materials that need in every project development. That would be a great advantage for the Luxury Antonovich design as the KA Luxury has its own furniture manufacturing and factory for furniture that has it’s in the house the professional production team and world-class furniture designers. KA Luxury is also known as the provider of the most exclusive luxury furniture design as well as customized furniture that will surely bring out for the best design sophistication in every interior. As the best interior design company in Dubai, having its own furniture store, was indeed such a great advantage for the Luxury Antonovich design team to execute the exact design requirement of every furniture and decorations towards every interior design setting with the highest standard of style and premium class composition of every material.

With Luxury Antonovich design every luxurious project in Dubai and all over the world will surely achieve the most desirable style as the team will be the best partner of every client to turn their dreams into reality. Luxury Antonovich design has a goal to bring out the best design towards every project with exceptional standards to achieve the best result that will level up the industry of architecture and interior design in Dubai and continuously being recognized all over the world.

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