LVNDXNISDEVD with his recent projects and quality content is achieving new milestones

LVNDXNISDEVD with his recent projects and quality content is achieving new milestones

Music and art is the food for the soul. And the artists who perform the art, come up with creative content in the form of music, lyrics and songs are worth to be praised for. Landon Bissett aka the LVNDXNISDEVD. also plays his part in the society by producing his own songs. He is a multi-talented, young and energetic emerging artist who knows the art of winning the hearts and minds of listeners through his self made music.

Landon Bissett’s stage name is Lvndxnisdevd, which he chose himself. LVNDXNISDEVD is an internet personality, singer/songwriter, rapper, model, and small business owner. He is a direct descendant of the Philippine Islands’ Imperial monarchy. He has royal bloodlines buried deep inside his roots, indicating he is descended from royalty.

His music has been described as ranging from aggressive rap to earlier tracks such as Skeptic, a metal song he wrote in 2012. What’s even more incredible is that Lvndxnisdevd has yet to record an album, let alone recorded in a studio. He has self-produced and he makes song after song with no written words or even the ability to hear the music, which is extremely astonishing to anyone who knows how tough. He generally make song. typically using only his cellphone.

Soon, he’ll release “Song name,” his most recent work. For his future single, he’s working on a collaboration with the one and only Baby Goth. Baby Goth, a well-known industry figure, praises his approach and attitude toward his craft. With their upcoming music title, LVNDXNISDEVD and Baby Goth pledge to astonish their fans with heart-stopping performances and calming vocals.

 “The impending collab with Baby Goth is really meaningful for me and will be a highlight in my career,” LVNDXNISDEVD said. It’s like a dream come true to be an artist that started producing on his phone and is now collaborating with Baby’s Goth.“

LVNDXNISDEVD is famous for his massive Instagram following and his SoundCloud account, which has collected millions of streams in such a short time. He managed  to obtain millions of views and streams simply by employing some basic business marketing skills he learned in college, as well as his remarkable appearance and a cellphone, is all he requires.

With his combined social media profiles, he has over 200,000 followers, and that number is growing every day. He has a reach of almost 200 million people per post, with the potential to grow.

If you want to be among the list of his valuable followers and to get updates about his recent work then visit the official social sites of LVNDXNISDEVD.





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