Majed Veysel Just Reached 100k Followers On Instagram

Majed Veysel Just Reached 100k Followers On Instagram

There are so many people who try to gain more Instagram followers but Unfortunately, most of them fail in between the process. This is because a unique approach is necessary for getting a good amount of followers on Instagram.

Even if you have a unique approach of presenting your content, you must have determination and patience to actually crush the Instagram game. People who actually succeed in getting some recognition on Instagram usually have all these qualities.

Today, we are going to study one such person who has achieved quite a lot of success on Instagram, Majed Veysel.

With the help of hard work, drive and passion, Majed Veysel has recently reached 100k followers on Instagram. It is a huge milestone and such things always take time which is why it took him 8 years of continuous hard work to reach this milestone.

Yes, he has been posting the photographs that he captures since the past 8 years! He kept posting content with patience and without expecting much in return. This is another huge reason for his success on Instagram. Whenever we do something without expecting anything in return, the results are usually good. If you go through Majed’s Instagram feed, you will also notice his photography skills getting better with every post.

Majed Veysel’s Instagram profile is all about the combined flavours of photography and architecture in black and white colour. Artists that combine architecture and photography, “aim to create lasting visual impressions in an age when limitless architecture and design news can be digested and forgotten in seconds on the web,” says Bilyana Dimitrova.

He has travelled to various parts of the world to capture some astonishingly beautiful shots for his Instagram account which clearly shows his determination towards his work. This also shows Majed’s love for travelling and capturing the beauty of significant architecture.

This sort of determination along with incredible photography skills, a unique concept and years of struggle has helped Majed Veysel to reach 100k followers on Instagram. People love Majed’s feed because of its pleasing appearance and deep significance. His fine art is complemented by thousands of people every day on Instagram and this appreciation works as a motivation for him to keep posting photographs.

In the end, we would like to congratulate Majed Veysel for hitting 100k Instagram followers. He truly deserves them and we wish him all the best for his future projects.

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