Manny Garcia on the Importance of Consistency and Perseverance to Build a Successful Venture

Manny Garcia on the Importance of Consistency and Perseverance to Build a Successful Venture

Every entrepreneur dreams of growing their business to be the best of it’s kind in the world. In the world we live in today, the get rich quick schemes are painting the wrong picture for young entrepreneurs. Businesses are not built by lounging around and money falling into your lap, Manny Garcia stresses the importance of entrepreneurs knowing that every multimillion-dollar business was once a startup.

Manny Garcia, a serial entrepreneur in E-commerce, real estate, auto repair shops and clothing & footwear stores. He has been in business long enough to realize that entrepreneurship is not an easy path. However, he also recognizes that it is extremely rewarding when you keep at it.

According to Manny, many entrepreneurs give up real quick today because they believe they should be able to turn a profit overnight. The truth of entrepreneurship is often a shock to many, which is why he recommends thorough research and preparation before going into entrepreneurship.

Blind faith sometimes helps entrepreneurs achieve things they didn’t think possible, however, a lot of hard work goes into building your business. If you look at all huge businesses, they all began somewhere and it took some of them years to decades to become the multimillion ventures they now are.

With this in mind, Manny puts his time into building his businesses and it’s how he’s achieved the success he has today. Most success stories don’t show the process it took to get there, but it is important for entrepreneurs to find those stories, both for guidance and as cautionary tales to unprepared entrepreneurs.

To build a multimillion-dollar company, you need to start by defining your niche. Even if you do end up becoming a serial entrepreneur like Manny, you need to start somewhere before branching out to other ventures

Another great piece of advice that has worked for Garcia is taking advantage of the digital space. Get all the information, tools and even reach your customers online. Online marketing tools will help inform your marketing strategies.

Get ready for more responsibility too. Startups take up more of your time and you need to create that time and put in the work. Choosing entrepreneurship means accepting all the responsibility that comes with it.

More than anything, Manny hopes that entrepreneurs understand that the success of your business in not determined by how long you’ve been in business. You could be a startup today and grow into a multimillion business in no time, you just need to walk through every stage of the business without skipping some.

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