Meet Famousvicz: The Latest Sensation In Music

Meet Famousvicz: The Latest Sensation In Music

Victor Hugo Almonte Jr alias Famousvicz has become a big name in music in a short period. Famousvicz has a massive fan following all across the globe. Listeners and his followers can are just crazy about his groovy tracks and peppy music. 

“I feel blessed. The audience’s response has been fantastic. I couldn’t ask for more. Music has been my passion. I always wanted to do something in music. Once I completed my academic life, my immediate focus was to establish myself as an indie artist. It has been a rollercoaster ride for me. But I am happy that everyone is now appreciating my talents, skills, and creativity,” Famousvicz explained. 

Starting his professional journey as an engineer, Famousvicz is extremely dedicated and sincere when it comes to music. Every time he comes out with a new track, he makes sure that the same is creative, innovative, and unique. He never minds putting a lot of hours into research before launching his new releases.   

Famousvicz is an innovative artist, be it a live show or releasing a music video on YouTube, he keeps on working on his songs until he feels satisfied about them. You can say he is a perfectionist. He never runs away from hard work or trying new things, which have been never tried by other artists.  

“Born and raised in New York, music has always been my first choice. When I was a kid, I enjoyed listening to various music tracks and turns. We originally hail from Dominica. From New York, I had to move to Cleveland, Ohio, with my mom in my childhood. I studied hard and gave my cent percent into it. Besides studies, I also liked music. I had completed my journey as an engineer before plunging into the world of music. I am happy that my mom always supported me throughout my life,” Famousvicz said. 

In his spare time, Famousvicz enjoys watching boxing matches and other games. He always believed in his inner calling, which was music. He felt music as the best medium to explore his hidden creative potential. Famousvicz formally launched his career at the age of just 20 and has never looked back since then. 

“As a child I used to enjoy music, but once I started growing up, I got addicted to music. I found my renewed interest in listening to various tracks and scrutinising the musical notes and compositions. I spent a lot of time practising my songs and tracks. Soon, I was determined to make a career in music, and thus, without any mentor or godfather, I started my career as a professional musician,” Famousvicz added. 

Famousvicz also believed that YouTube played a key role in shaping his career. He learned a lot of things relating to music and from YouTube. Starting from releasing new songs on YouTube to taking one’s musical career to a new height through online musical streaming sites, Famousvicz learned everything from scratch through YouTube and other online resources. 

His very first video on YouTube was a big hit. It encourages him to also launch his own SoundCloud channel, which now features more than 300 tracks. Interestingly, Famousvicz also features songs of other artists on his SoundCloud channel to enhance its online visibility. 

Famousvicz enjoys the support of over 2500 active listeners and fans on his channel. 

“Right now, I am enjoying the best phase of my life. I followed my passion despite knowing how difficult it is to establish yourself as an indie artist without industry contacts. I am fortunate that so many people supported me in my professional journey as a musician,” Famousvicz stated. 

You can also follow Famousvicz on SoundCloud and Instagram.

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