Meet Aishah And Shye, Two Of Social Media Marketing’s Most Savvy Female Entrepreneurs

Meet Aishah And Shye, Two Of Social Media Marketing’s Most Savvy Female Entrepreneurs

The duo brings a humble and user-friendly educational approach with their Elite Tier Academy to help millennials build their brand and gain notoriety, making their mark in a male-dominated industry.

In today’s world, social media marketing is everything. It’s a way to build one’s personal brand, to sell product, and to open doors to collaborations and business ventures with others around the world. Models, influencers, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between possess the need to learn the
tricks of the trade.

Enter Aishah Mohamed and Shye Lee, co-founders of Elite Tier Academy, a company offering courses to millennials to educate them about social media marketing and elevate their businesses.

With a combined following of over 90k on Instagram, the duo offers a digital mentorship program, their most popular being a 30-day course that’s boasted some of their students seeing a $3.5k income in their first month. They have a handful of apprentices making six figures annually, and see an average time period for closing a deal with a client in as little as three days
to a week and a half.

As with many careers in this day and age, finding the way there can be difficult. One is supposed to figure things out on their own, often without the support from family or friends who can help them along the way. Elite Tier offers a user-friendly educational program with all their students
need to know about creating and elevating their online businesses, as well as the skills to build lasting relationships with clients.

Aishah, who used to have a 9-5, and Shye, who worked as a bartender, both dropped out of college to pursue a career in marketing and branding. They wanted to create a space where young women, especially women of color, were encouraged to face their challenges head on and live the lives they’d always dreamed of. They strive to gain trust in their students, build their
confidence, and encourage them to stand their ground in a male-dominated industry.

Elite Tier Academy maintains a humble outlook, working with everyone from micro to macro influencers, to clothing companies, to doctors and dentists. They’ve also had access to massive influencer growth campaigns involving social media behemoths like Kylie Jenner, the Kardashians, and Roddy Richh.

Aishah and Shye, who undoubtedly demand the attention of a room, plan on expanding their business by hosting events, building their youtube channel with inspiring vlogs and travel expenditures, and helping others start their own educational courses.

They also plan on growing their 100k club, a mastermind group of pupils earning six figures a year. The girls also want to pitch themselves for a Youtube/TV series network, which would bring their teachings to a broader audience and make them the stunning faces that represent savvy, powerful businesswomen all around the globe.

To follow their unique journeys make sure to check their Instagram profiles:
@aishah.mo & @shye.lee

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