Meet DJ AFTRFX, an aspiring DJ and music artist captivating millions of audiences

Meet DJ AFTRFX, an aspiring DJ and music artist captivating millions of audiences

With massive back-to-back hits DJ AFTRFX proves his prowess and established himself as a true blue music professional.  

The music industry as a sector, niche, and domain has seen tremendous developments over the last couple of decades. The growth rate at which new forms and genres of music has been gaining momentum among masses have been humongous. New singers, composers, song writers, producers, DJ’s now have become favorites for many millions. Also, with greater demand for music coming from emerging and developed markets, it has now become a mandate and imperative for the next gen music professionals to be on the top of their toes and deliver mesmerizing music. We came across one such emerging music professional and DJ of the current generation producing back-to-back colossal hits, DJ AFTRFX.  

DJ AFTRFX was highly inclined towards the art and craft of music making since childhood and always wanted to pursue his career and profession in the music world. He hustled hard in his early stages of life to learn in depth about music and DJ’ing and today he has emerged as one of the finest talents that we have witnessed over some period of time. With an objective of providing a unique and different listening experience for all of his fan and followers, The DJ has put in the hard work to create a special place and name for himself in the hearts of the audience. His in-depth knowledge about the music subject, understanding of sound, and rhythms has catapulted him to create a massive fan following for himself.

With his experience and expertise, he has created some mesmerizing tracks which includes – Dreamers, Never Wake Up, Fade Away, All I Want, Living in Utopia, Next To Me and Take On The World. The grand success of his songs has inspired him to work harder and more creative which entertain his massive fans and audiences as he always does!

For more info, do follow him on Instagram @aftrfx. Keep tunning yourself on his Spotify

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