Meet Happy Singh, making his name prominent in the world of music as a self-made music artist

Meet Happy Singh, making his name prominent in the world of music as a self-made music artist



He has grown as an American rapper, singer, songwriter and music producer in all these years, showcasing his pure love for music.


It is truly astounding to know and learn about all those professionals who put in every possible effort in their respective industries and give it their all in all that they ever choose to lay their hands on. Though it is easier said than implemented, making huge in any industry is no walk in the park; still, there have been a few people and professionals who have done that and have showcased their A-game in their chosen sectors, becoming one of the finest talents those sectors could ever produce. Becoming one such name in the world of music, especially in the American music game, is Harpreet Singh, most famously known by his stage name Happy Singh.


Happy Singh is a 1990-born who was brought up in the Asian Indian culture, born and raised in Los Angeles, California, the US. At a very early age, he encountered the magic of hip-hop and since then confesses to having fallen in love with music head over heels. As years passed by and as he kept honing his skills in music, he started working with higher entertainment professionals as a producer and writer, working for other artists. And after ISAW Records signed, he turned into an artist himself and started living his dream life.


This gave him a chance to produce and do songwriting for his own records, and later even opened for artists like Tyga, Jeremiah and Yo Gotti and many others. He also worked as a songwriter for actor Mathew Noszka an upcoming artist under the CEO of Murder Ink Records, Irv Gotti. Over the years, this young talent has quite effortlessly merged his American and Punjabi (Indian) cultures in music and has given tracks that have gone ahead in connecting well with listeners and music lovers.


Initially, he also helped his parents run their family-owned restaurant business, but after getting deeper into music, he left the family business to pursue his career in music.


Today, Happy Singh also works for the betterment of other artists and leverages his presence in the industry to guide budding talents, showcasing the right path to be and bringing more awareness around drug abuse, which he faced as a youngster.


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