Meet Joshua Salas, the Phenomenal Artist with Incredible Latin Trap Vibes

Meet Joshua Salas, the Phenomenal Artist with Incredible Latin Trap Vibes

Today the world is shaken by Joshua Salas’s performance and nothing is stopping him from curating music that creates a balance across his Puerto Rican roots and the American lifestyle.

Brooklyn born and raised artist, Joshua Salas aka “Joshuaflyboy” is one of America’s most impressive creative prospects, Joshua Salas is an artist, producer, and songwriter with a deft penchant for creating Reggaeton and Latin Trap music. Joshuaflyboy has combined his influences of old school hip hop, classic and alternative rock, and pop punk to create a repertoire of upbeat Latin Trap songs with vibrant melodies and relatable lyrics. Joshuaflyboy music hits a large target audience of hip hop, rap and alternative rock fans.

The music industry is currently growing at its fastest rate, and artists from all over the world are relentlessly releasing track after track and the talented Joshua Salas, an artist making waves in the industry isn’t just sitting back and watching. He has become one of the most promising superstars (and the biggest sweetheart) across the globe. He’s gone from go-to featured artist/songwriter on tracks to releasing three great LPs in less than two years.

A fiercely independent spirit, Joshua started writing his own music at age fifteen and has been very much in the game. Joshua’s charisma, energy, stage presence and audience involvement create an electrifying experience and he is currently in search for the right label with a good deal. Music is a form of art that is supposed to contribute to society and Joshuaflyboy is a natural storyteller. The tracks he creates makes you feel strong and powerful. He brings stories that every soul can relate to.  Salas has been interviewed by WMSC radio, Foster Magazine, and Shore Life Lyrics.

You know those songs that immediately make your mind “cut to” a sequence of memories or even a daydream of what-could-bes that play like a film reel? Joshuaflyboy’s music dissects emotions and about making a life in a time of moving on. His milky voice will make you swoon while he delivers brutally blunt lines about his life and crave for connection.

About Joshua Salas

Joshuaflyboy was born Joshua Salas in Brooklyn New York on November 28, 1988. Salas is fiercely proud of his Dominican and Puerto Rican roots. This is evident in his Raggaeton and Latin Trap music. He has been fortunate to have learnt from amazing influences such as Jbalvin, ozuna, Diddy, 6ix9ine and many more.

For more information please visit https://instagram.com/joshuaflyboy?igshid=kvjcgf6llv3x


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