Meet Wilsonstillrunning, the biggest tech investor.

Meet Wilsonstillrunning, the biggest tech investor.

He has immersed himself in the world of tech and entrepreneurship and has stunned everyone with his successes.

Isn’t it amazing to look at how things have changed and developed for the better across various industries around the world? What is even more amazing to notice is how most of these changes have been brought by the immense passion and sheer brilliance of a few young professionals and entrepreneurs, who put in every possible effort and go ahead to becoming their best version, not just to get nearer their personal goals, but most importantly to inspire the Gen-Z of the business space, vying to make their mark in their respective industries. We couldn’t help but notice how Wilson, aka Wilsonstillrunning did the same in the world of business, emerging as one of the biggest tech investors the world has seen in recent times.

Wilsonstillrunning is one of those rare gems who have shone brighter each day with the incredible successes he has gained so far in his career, proving how age has nothing to do with the success one achieves in their life. Today, he serves as the CEO in the world of gaming, a sector he has held massive love for since the beginning, he confesses. His love for gaming dates back to when he was a kid, who loved playing video games and reading Manga, which are comic books, especially for children.

This love of his for the gaming sector helped him later create a career in the same, turning into a CEO in the gaming sector, creating his favourite characters and bringing them to life in Web3 and video games. Wilsonstillrunning has also been an investor in the world of tech, supporting several tech start-ups, and was an investor in Thriller, Club House, and FaZe Clan.

Wilsonstillrunning now aims to take over the whole tech space, and not just that also plans to venture off into the entertainment space and events, where he sees himself taking over the whole sector in the near future.

He has also shown his excellence as a model, content creator, digital marketer, and influencer. Follow him now on Instagram @wilsonstillrunning to know more.

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