Meet Yassine Medaghri Alaoui, the self-made young entrepreneur who is taking the business industry of Morocco by storm.

Meet Yassine Medaghri Alaoui, the self-made young entrepreneur who is taking the business industry of Morocco by storm.

His multiple businesses today have turned Yassine into a high-performing entrepreneur who believed he could achieve exponential success and so did he.

Today, attaining a certain desired success in just one field or area of business could be an aspiration for many up and coming entrepreneurs, but for some others, they are aimed to change the dynamics of the business world with a bigger aim in mind and hence, keep churning newer ideas and concepts across businesses to keep initiating several businesses for gaining worldwide recognition and be the change that the business world needs. Yassine Medaghri Alaoui comes in the latter category and has since the beginning always aimed to turn all his innovative projects from paper to reality by making Morocco come at the forefront of many business industries across Africa and be known as a country of state-of-the-art creations and innovations.

He is a young business personality from Rabat, Morocco who studied from Lycée Descartes and pursued his higher education, completing his B.A business and Entrepreneurship with honors at the Johnson and Wales University in Miami, Florida. Yassine began working at part-time jobs and then entered the world of business to explore as many opportunities as he could get to create and build his own empire. Today, Yassine’s consistent hard work, perseverance and passion have transformed the young boy into a successful serial entrepreneur who has spread his business magic across various industries like real estate, luxury industry, educational training, transportation, advertising, marketing, etc.

Yassine wears the hat of the Vice Chairman of one of the most influential and dynamic real estate and construction companies in Morocco named ‘Groupe Loulanti’. It has years of rich experience in the industry and has been behind some of the most state-of-the-art and futuristic projects across the country. What’s impressive about Yassine is the fact that he has never stopped working or has been satisfied in excelling at only field. He is the mastermind behind the success of multiple businesses and projects under him, which he operates internationally and interdisciplinary.

Looking at the fast urbanization of Morocco, where more and more people are choosing public transportation for their excellent services in the same and the improved mobility it provides people in the cities, Yassine being a skilled entrepreneur, thought of monetizing this opportunity as well with his leading advertising firm called ‘MEDIALAOUI’ that believes in the creation of advertising space and using effective communication and improved visibility for better marketing and advertising. It is a family holding of which he serves as the President and Chairman. Under his astute leadership and skills as a creative mind and entrepreneur, Yassine has come up with DRIVE BOX, which is the newest tablet project, which could disrupt the space of marketing and advertising for the better.

Through this project, Yassine aims to secure tactile tablets at the back of the seats of the driver and co-driver. This will emerge as a win-win situation for both the cab owners, where they can attract more customer base through many technological improvements and enhancing the experience of the commuters and for the brand as it would give them the authorization to exploit the space for better advertising and marketing. Apart from cost-effective advertising through display screens, it will also offer people entertainment and online access, etc.

Across Morocco, their ecological garbage cans serve as WiFi hotspots and have display screens as well for companies and brands for marketing and advertising. Yassine, with his incessant hard work, has also worked to enter the hospitality sector for a project for the building of a hotel complex next to the Marrakech Menara Airport. Yassine has been making efforts in the entrepreneurial world as well by creating one of a kind ‘Moroccan Association for African Entrepreneurs’ so that he can help young minds for creating ideas. He also helps by investing in the ideas if they show great promise and help young entrepreneurs with the financial part of the same.

Yassine as an under 25 and high-performing entrepreneur has inspired many rising entrepreneurs of the world with his resilience, persistence and passion and has created his own empire, turning all his ideas and projects into a success story.

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