Want to experience the exotic flavoured cannabis? Backpack Boyz have them all!

Want to experience the exotic flavoured cannabis? Backpack Boyz have them all!

The market for cannabis has grown manifold but not many are known to give a distinct twist to it. Backpack Boyz’s out of this world offerings will stun you all.

The days are gone when you had to go through that awful unpleasant tasting strain if you wanted to gain benefits of cannabis, but not anymore. The game has changed now with a vast array of strains available to suit your taste buds. From sweet to fruity to all that tastes incredible keeping its potency intact it has come a long way and one such offering is brought to you by the Backpack Boyz.

Backpack Boyz are the Bay Area inhabitants who have hit the cannabis market in a big way. Ever heard of quality cannabis in flavours you can only dream of? That’s right they have introduced their products with an unbelievable twist. The Bay Area is popular for its dazzling eye-popping packaging of flavoured cannabis that the Backpack Boyz offer. These natives are using insignia similar as Rolls Royce for their brand growing quality cannabis and backed by their flashy image of driving fancy cars, flashing champagne bottles and dollar bills they sure are creating a flutter in the neighbourhood. Their grand range includes a twist in flavours of the classic gelato like strawberry gelato, apple gelato, cherry gelato, peanut butter gelato and many different and lip smacking flavours which would surprise consumers. Their most in demand exotic offering which has made its way through California is Horchata, which has become a craze of sorts and can be seen most talked about on the Backpack Boyz instagram page.

Their vast array of exotic buds come in different shades of green, purple and all possible hues and have a distinct variation in flavour when consumed. Their store front which goes by the name ‘5 Points Los Angeles’ is a top selling outlet selling their buds as well as other top in-demand products like Cookies Maywood, Cookies Hollywood, and Cana Harbor. In no time have they become the most preferred and top selling brands in state. To experience their collection you can visit their instagram page/backpackboyzdmv and check out their tagged posts.

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