Michele Zanello is releasing “rehearsal 1”

Michele Zanello is releasing “rehearsal 1”

The musical artist, digital entrepreneur and artistic director Michele Zanello, after having driven many musical projects both from a managerial and artistic point of view, and having released songs with various musical groups and pseudonyms, for the first time released songs in his name is that the beginning of a new path?

Michele Zanello born in Latisana (UD) on February 26, 1995: he is currently recognized in the music sector as a digital entrepreneur and artistic director. This year he released some songs with particular names such as rehearsal 1 and rehearsal 2, which mean “test” or “training”, could they be a test regarding one of his musical projects? Or is it really his personal launch also as an artist?

Here are some tracks he released

such as: Rehearsal 1 and Rehearsal 2 Dust 1, Dust 2 and the super Album: “NOT ORDINARY CANVAS” with tracks such as: BLUE Moon, GRAY Goose, YELLOW Pillow, VIOLET Sky, RED Dream, PURPLE Water.

He currently has over 50,000 followers on instagram and also his Facebook profile.

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