Mostafa Nouman: Social Media Entrepreneur

Mostafa Nouman: Social Media Entrepreneur

Social Media is a super complicated industry to be in and even harder to successfully navigate it. Yet, through this vastly complicated space, there are a few individuals that are able to overcome these massive odds and be able to make Instagram and the social media space a successful business and entrepreneurship venture. Yet, most of these people are older in the
sense that they are usually in their early 20s. Yet, as I have been exploring the space, I have found someone who is much younger than that. His name is Mostafa Nouman (@mostafaanouman on Instagram) and he is a 16-year-old social media guru and mogul and he makes five figures off of
social media.

Ever since he learned how to use a computer, Mostafa has been studying the social media game. As an avid content creator and entrepreneur by heart, Mostafa has been building and growing social media accounts for years now. He currently makes over $30,000+ a month in passive income
from his Instagram accounts with plans to scale that to even more. Mostafa is also an Instagram algorithm expert. He has a proven method that is able to grow Instagram following to over 100,000 followers in a very short amount of time along with being able to grow his clients up to 300,000+ followers combined every single week. I asked Mostafa what his best advice was for budding entrepreneurs and people that want to get into the social media game but are nervous of what others will think.

“My main advice that I have always been taught and that has been ingrained in me is something that most people need to keep hearing. Do not give up on your dreams, do not listen to the haters because you are already better than them, and to use the hate from haters and use it to make your businesses and ventures stronger.”

Mostafa is not done with his passion and this social media career. He has plans to grow more accounts, build clients, and mentor more kids all around the world. If you need any help from Mostafa or are interested in his vast resources and experience, he is super open to hitting him up through DM.

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