Mumbai ain’t the end for the famous Make-up artist Aditya Kumar Sharma

Mumbai ain’t the end for the famous Make-up artist Aditya Kumar Sharma

Aditya Kumar Sharma has already set his foot as a successful makeup artist being awarded with so many prestigious recognitions. He already has his own makeup studio in Lucknow named “Aditya makeup studio studio Academy and Unisex salon”.

Aditya being a very passionate and exuberant person wishes to continue with same energy and consistency. Aditya wants “Aditya makeup Studio Academy and Unisex salon  banners and chain across across every City” He wants his Studio to be and household name irrespective of the culture and origination Aditya believes that makeup is something which has no something which has no has no limitation so why should he limit his aspirations. Ambition which he personally entertain as a professional makeup artist would be to do makeup for New York Fashion Week, Lakme Fashion Week, to be published in a major fashion magazines and to become a celebrity makeup artist by celebrity makeup artist he doesn’t mean to the person who does makeup on on celebrities but rather a makeup artist artist who is so famous that he or she is commonly known and a celebrity in their own light.

Aditya believes that every character which is played sets a very  deep impact because of makeup.He says character make up encompasses varying age levels, personality traits, symbolic figures, burns tattoos, disfigurations, horror designs or anything on face or body that is created without embellishing or enhancing the corrective beauty aspects of the human face or figure. He looks forward to work with various directors and paint different characters. He wants to keep on learning and updating himself as with time things become obsolete to become successful. His list is truly never  ending and the things will continue to add on. 

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