Musician Ryan Eshaghi aka BLEAM signed by 4 record labels in 2020

Musician Ryan Eshaghi aka BLEAM signed by 4 record labels in 2020

The music industry is making it big on the party scene. As more and more DJs and sound mixers take the stage, record labels are also taking notice and signing on newacts and turning them into mainstream artists. Signing with a notable record label is a balance of music and character, and can make or break artists with the right backing.Persian-American producer and DJ Ryan Eshaghi, aka BLEAM, is a new house artist who managed to get signed by 4 high-level labels, in only the short span of one year.

Ryan’s first show was at Summerlands Music Festival in Irvine, California. He played for a crowd of more than 4,000 people and moved on to play at multiple clubs and events in Southern California. Sharing the stage with A-list electronic acts, he has developed a budding reputation with an impressive catalog. Currently, Ryan is enjoying the success of “Antigua,” his second single. “Soul Searching,” another single, was released by Mixmash Records and proved to be a tasteful new entrance in his traditionally hard-hitting tracks. Supported by Tiesto, R3HAB, Nicky Romero, and more, the young musician is making a quick rise.

Ryan took up the piano when he was only six, and although he doesn’t play it as actively as he used to, he did study it until the age of 13. To his great regret, he didn’t touch the piano after that till he was 17 when he re-taught himself. But by 19, he was already engaged in recording music and tuning it up using computer software, and so, he began to rely on that heavily. He was able to conjure ideas from nothing more than a keyboard, computer, and microphone. Ryan chose to portray himself as BLEAM because of his interest in technology – the word “Bleam” means to send or transmit data in binary. He started out in Orange County, CA and today, is based in Los Angeles.

When asked about his future plans, he said that he has always wanted to get involved with technology education non-profits and possibly teach. He currently works in tech and does consulting in the blockchain sector, but also has dreams of opening his own sushi lounge and working with ocean conservation groups.

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