New York-Based Rapper Marq Kenzo is Making Immense Headways to Achieve Top-Tier Celebrity Status

New York-Based Rapper Marq Kenzo is Making Immense Headways to Achieve Top-Tier Celebrity Status

The fast-rising rapper has been featured on a couple of magazines and played guests to several shows across the region, including Thisis50, Ventz & raptology Magazine, and more

Music in the United States is a keenly competitive field with thousands of artists, producers, directors, and DJs producing content for the millions of people in love with great entertainment content. Marq Kenzo is among many New York artists who, by making tracks that appeal to their fans, hope to attain the type of widespread recognition that allows being heard in all of the United States and beyond.

Born and raised in Bronx, New York, Marq Kenzo has shown an unrivaled determination and resilience to go beyond limiting setbacks. The artist has his eyes on being a well-renowned celebrity serving fans just what they love to hear. Marq began recording music in 2020 when the world was at a standstill due to the lockdown issued to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. He was able to record songs at the time, and in 2022, Marq is looking to go mainstream and hopes to sign a major record deal.

Marq’s first single was a remix of “Mood Swings” by Pop Smoke featuring Lil Tjay. After Marq’s version of “Mood Swings,” the artist began to enjoy growth in his fan base. The release of Marq’s first official single, 52 the Ave, came as a surprise to many as the artist proved his versatility and lyrical prowess.

52 the Ave by Marq Kenzo is a song about the neighborhood Marq grew up in, and it tells the story of Marq’s upbringing and the beauty of the city. After 52 the Ave, Marq released “Vision,” a single dedicated to his mother and what they have been through together. Determined to do more in a short time, Marq released his first EP titled Kenzo Story Part One, which had songs about Marq’s life and his relationship with others.

A few months after the release of Kenzo Story Part One, Marq took some time off to record new music, reinvent his musical genre, and perfect his craft. He switched his flow, sound, and vocals to evolve into making reggae dancehall music and, in 2021, released his first single in his newly found genre, Whine ya Waist.

Speaking about Whine ya Waist, Marq had this to say, “So I was on the train, going home, and I was listening to this beat I’d just purchased. I kept listening to it, over and over—and you get a voice in your head when that happens—and I started singing the hook, which was like ‘girl whine ya waist and throw that… back’…and from there, it was game-time.”

In the summer of 2021, Marq Kenzo released his second EP titled “Here I Come” as a way of telling the world to prepare for his grand entry to stardom. The EP consisted of Dangerous, Feelings, Ring the Alarm, My Type Part 2, Need You, and the hit single Whine ya Waist.” After the Here I Come EP, Marq has released two singles, Stay With Me and Dutty Whine.

As the first quarter of 2022 comes to a close, Marq has built a tremendous fanbase on Instagram. He has posted a review of his unreleased songs, Need Somebody, One Dance, and more on his Instagram. Follow Marq Kenzo on Instagram @Officialmarqkenzo_.

To listen to Marq’s discography, follow him on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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