There’s No Stopping Shane Thompson!

<strong>There’s No Stopping Shane Thompson!</strong>

Shane Thompson’s newest single, “I Should’ve Done Better” is pop music’s newest hit. With its sincere lyrics and Shane’s powerful vocals, this love song is sure to be a go-to anthem for anyone who has ever messed up a relationship.

Shane is an up-and-coming pop singer out of Mississippi who had NBA aspirations but then after collaborating on a song with a friend, soon realized his appetite for music was much stronger. After lacing up his shoes on the basketball court in college, he decided music would be his “slam dunk” and hit the studio.

After recording a few songs, Shane knew it was much more than just singing he was good at and opened up his own recording studio in Pearl, MS. He is a self-taught Audio Engineer, whose skills have exceeded many people’s expectations.

After teaming up with Wyatt Roberts on songs like “Love me Right” and “Round 2”. These two created magic again on “I Should’ve Done Better” letting women everywhere know that sensitive men still exist.

With words like “I know it’s my fault we separated but I’m tired of feeling devastated” You feel his longing to reclaim the love he once had. The advantageous beat and relevant lyrics makes this sure to be Shane’s most preeminent song to date.

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