Nicole Scherzinger Credits Coolaser For Improved Skin

Nicole Scherzinger Credits Coolaser For Improved Skin

Nicole Scherzinger, 42 years old, recently posted an eye-catching selfie on Instagram. Many were shocked right away with her overall flawless look, but it was her glowing skin that grabbed most of the attention.

Nicole Scherzinger

While genetics play some role in Scherzinger’s looks, she is quick to give credit to those who have helped her along the way. Most recently, she was singing the praises of Dr. Simon Ourian’s Coolaser. Known as one of the top celebrity cosmetic doctors in the world, this is far from the first time he has helped celebrities out.

How the treatment works

Ourian’s Coolaser is a laser skin resurfacing technique created by him to help turn back the clock for many of his clients. Many dermatologists have attempted to replicate this treatment, but it is currently only available at his Epione Beverly Hills practice.

It has turned into a very popular and intriguing procedure, as celebrities love the way their skin looks shortly after. Not only can it help with turning back the clock and looking younger, but Coolaser is also a treatment that helps with melasma and skin discoloration.

Revealing her secrets

Few celebrities are confident enough to share what they do to get great looking skin. Scherzinger seems focused on letting her fans know that getting some help along the way can help out significantly. She was quick to point out in the post that her skin felt tighter, pores started shrinking, blemishes disappeared, and she had a different type of glow.
A relatively straightforward process like this can be much more affordable than heavier skin treatments as well. Anyone interested in Dr Simon Orian’s Coolaser can learn more by visiting his official website at www.epionebh.com. On his Instagram page, you will find detailed information as well as more celebrities sharing their stories and experiences with Epione.

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