Oregon Artist and Rapper NORD’s Net Worth 2023

Oregon Artist and Rapper NORD’s Net Worth 2023


As of January 2023, we can infer that Oregon artist and rapper NORD’s net worth is equivalent to $1,250,000 USD (one million two hundred and fifty thousand dollars).

NORD (Carter Davis) is an upcoming artist and rapper from Oregon who has gained over five-hundred thousand Instagram followers, over two million unique music listens, and has amassed a very loyal following of supporters in just over a year’s time from the start of his music career.  The 18 year-old artist has a discography of four singles available across major streaming platforms, and is not reportedly signed to any management organization or music label at this time.  The main content themes observed from the artist’s social media profiles can be categorized as music, lifestyle, and fashion.

A popular question that the public has in their mind whenever a new personality begins rising to the spotlight on social media is: how much money are they making?  In 2023, the main sources of revenue for music social media influencers are sponsored brand content and contract payments in the form of an advance from record label(s).  However, NORD does not endorse sponsored content on his profiles, nor is the rapper signed to any record label or organization.  A majority of the Oregon artist’s revenue would be assumed to be a combined result of owning the full rights to his music’s masters, live performance ticket sales, and social media creator fund programs.

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