Picayune Microblading Finally a 6D artist in the New Orleans area

Picayune Microblading Finally a 6D artist in the New Orleans area

Picayune Microblading is a well-known beauty salon in New Orleans run by Hong Pepper Poe who is an acclaimed 6D microblading artist.

Picayune, Mississippi, August 6, 2020: Picayune Microblading is a 6D Microblading studio located in Picayune, Mississippi and is run by skilled microblading artist Hong Pepper Poe. At Picayune Microblading, Pepper offers a range of services to her customers, such as 6D microblading, ombré, eyeliner services, micro shading as well as permanent makeup for the lips. Pepper has always taken an active interest in the beauty industry and has established herself with a lot of hard work. Currently Picayune Microblading is the only beauty salon that offers 6D microblading in Picayune, Mississippi. Pepper is the only trained and experienced 6D artist in the area and offers advanced microblading solutions to customers compared to others who can only provide with 3D microblading.

Since Hong Pepper Poe is the only 6D artist within the local area, her services and expertise are far better than those offered by other artists that offer only standard 3D services. Pepper had already established herself as a master in her craft of 6D microblading and permanent makeup back in Southeast Asia and in USA, she has steadily emerged as one of the finest advanced artists when it comes to microblading and beauty makeover services. Hong Pepper Poe is licensed by Mississippi Department of Health & Human Services. Even though 6D microblading is rather uncommon in USA, it is now possible to find acclaimed service providers in California, New York, Chicago as well as in Picayune, Mississippi, all thanks to Pepper.

Hong Pepper Poe has got rich skills in various beauty service techniques, such as scarring camouflage. She can also repair unprofessional and shoddy quality of work done by some other artist so that people can be happy with their looks and appearance. Physical appearance is one of the most deciding factors for a person’s identity and imperfections in the appearance can be a source of a lot of depression and anxiety. With the help of the beauty services offered by Pepper, one can definitely look and feel her best. Being internationally recognized for her microblading and microshading services, Pepper also offers free 3D microshading services for all cancer survivors. For this reason, people from all parts of New Orleans LA regularly choose to get in touch with Pepper when they are in need of microblading and microshading services.      

With Hattiesburg NS Gulfport MS Brows by Pepper, cancer patients can definitely look their very best and stop worrying about their imperfect looks. Pepper always makes use of the finest cutting edge 6D technique to come up with the best results. This helps to make sure that once the process is been carried out, the results remain for extended periods of time and ensure perfectly natural looking brows for a person. This makes Pepper the finest 6D microblading artist in New Orleans Metropolitan Area.     

About Picayune Microblading

Picayune Microblading is a beauty salon managed by Hong Pepper Poe who is the first and the best 6D microblading artist in New Orleans.

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Company Name: Picayune Microblading

Address: 306 HWY 11 S, PICAYUNE MS 39466

Phone: +1 504-533-1947

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