Pleasured oriented life

Pleasured oriented life

How many times a day do you hold your neck to release tension caused by stress, or do you try to stretch your back a bit to ease discomfort? Surely more than one time, and these two mentioned scenarios are much more common than what people may think and are the result of stress and a life focused on day-to-day problems rather than on the pleasure of living and enjoying it just as it is.

This paradigm shift is the one proposed by Jaiya, somatic sex educator, and founder of the Erotic Blueprints, a company that invites and teaches its clients to regain control of their lives through the full conquest of their own sexuality and that marks a before and after in those who have successfully undergone this experience. This whole process has been carefully designed by its founder, Jaiya, and was based on her own life and her constant discovery.

Jaiya says that her life, at different times, was crossed by enormous pain and suffering, which led her to having very dark days and thoughts about her life, her worth and her self-esteem. It was because of that that she began her studies until the point of becoming Master Level Instructor and Course Leader of the Tantric Arts. After that, Jaiya continue her journey learning and adapting Kink, BDSM, Sexual biology, erotica and porn knowledge to reconquered the full control over her body and her own sexuality to, in the first place, overcome the trauma generated by sexual abuse in her childhood and in the second place to organize all her experience and knowledge in the methodology used in her programs.

Although it is true that all of the above could be directed only to sex, Jaiya wanted to take it further, deeply impacting the lives of people who adopted her methodology and learned from it to the point of orienting their lives much more towards the pleasure and happiness of sex day to day, and less towards their problems, significantly reducing stress and increasing the quality of life of their patients.

Therefore, no matter how big the problems anyone could be experiencing, it will always be necessary to take a minute to appreciate what you have, be grateful and continue with renewed strength towards the constant improvement of life.

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