GrifZ, the independent music artist from Manchester, England returns to the music scene

GrifZ, the independent music artist from Manchester, England returns to the music scene

Youtube channels developed during the covid period because through the channels, the artists kept in touch with their audience as there were no musical releases or tours. Griffz is also enjoying the freedom YouTube gives him as an artist is a freelance music artist from Manchester, England who has appeared on all major UK platforms.

This independent musical artist from Manchester, England has appeared on all major UK platforms, with listeners adoring his earth-shattering songs. What sets this artist apart from others is that his songs have a unique flavor. They are full of feelings, they touch the hearts of the listeners. The songs reflect the thought process of the artist and make him a favorite with them.

Grifz recently returned with his new song, District15, after a year of hiatus due to Covid. While the song was an instant hit with her fans, the musical artist is now focusing more on her Youtube channel, which has recently started. The song was posted on her YouTube channel and views continued to increase instantly.

During a break he focused on becoming more self-taught and then started spending time on his Youtube channel. The last video he posted on his channel was called Attack the Block. This song was a big hit, so much so that it even came out on @linkuptv.

He plans to release more of his work soon and has other video projects as well, Grrifz wants to focus his energies on his private channel and return more love to his audience.

Recently, Grifz posted another freestyle video on his channel, titled My Point of View. This song is gaining a good time among the fans of this musical artist. Like its other numbers, My Point of View is also a touching and moving song that reflects your own thought process.

During that year-long hiatus, he focused on releasing more Youtube videos and songs, such as Attach the Block and My Point of View. In addition to making music, he has also been involved in charity cage fights to raise money for cancer research. And even though Grifz is back in the music scene, he’s still busy working with other charities.

Since he’s back in the game, his fans can expect plenty of new singles and pictures to be released very soon!

You can catch him live on his Instagram channel as mentioned below.

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