The Inspiring Journey of Bianca From A Nail Technician To An Expert Facial Aesthetician

The Inspiring Journey of Bianca From A Nail Technician To An Expert Facial Aesthetician

Bianca is a beautician and expert facial aesthetician based out of Florida. She runs her boutique beauty salon and spa, “Imagine You New,” in St Petersburg, Florida. She has over twenty years of experience in offering beauty-related services to various clients, including high-profile customers.

She is passionate about her job and never minds spending countless hours practising her skills or honing her art. She is sincere, honest, and hard-working. 

“I believe being honest to yourself and your clients is critical in this type of service or business. Before initiating any beauty treatment or procedure, I explain everything to my customers. I am glad that I successfully retain many old clients while acquiring new ones too round the year. I owe all my success to my clients and customers who have unquestionable faith in me. Several of these clients traveled all the way from various parts of the country to hire my services,” Bianca explained. 

Bianca’s journey was a difficult one. She started her career as a nail technician in 2001. But her passion to learn new skills helped her accomplish so many things in life. 

Once she mastered the art of nail artistry, immediately she focused her attention on acquiring new skills and art. Bianca didn’t stop there. She got admitted to the Aesthetician School to enhance her expertise in facial aesthetics. In 2003, she got a license to work as an independent facial aesthetician, and the rest is history.

Over the last few years, she has acquired even more skills and expertise to offer more professional services. 

Bianca’s salon is now counted among the top Facial Spa in St. Petersburg. Bianca has certainly carved her niche as a popular make-up artist and paramedical esthetician in Florida.

No matter how much she is busy, Bianca is always committed to offering unrivaled beauty solutions to her customers round the clock. 

Imagine You New has evolved out as a boutique beauty salon and spa for women of all ages. More than two dozen beauty solutions and services are available here. Most of these beauty solutions are completed within a few hours, so customers don’t need to stay here until the night.

This salon welcomes women of all age groups, figures, and heights to come here and candidly discuss their beauty-related concerns. Bianca is always ready to provide the best beauty solutions and treatments to make them feel loved and special about themselves. 

Bianca still credits her association with Don Cesar as the stepping stone towards her professional success. She had to offer multiple beauty solutions at Don Cesar. Apart from nail artistry, Bianca also provided other beauty services like facial, waxing, bridal beauty, and makeup solutions to several high-profile clients. It gave her a perfect platform to explore her skills and enhance her confidence in the profession. 

“My work profile at Don Cesar was versatile. I had to manage multiple work assignments with each of them dealing with different beauty-related segments. But I am happy that I have been able to prove my talents, skills, and dedication for the job. Also, it gave me enough confidence to start my own beauty salon in 2005.” Bianca said. 

Bianca dedicates her whole time to her beauty salon and spa. She is available on Sunday to Saturday from 10 Am–8 PM. Bianca offers specialized beauty solutions like Brow lamination, lipo, bio slimming, areola tattooing, and many more. She also takes utmost care to make sure that each of her customers get their appointment set at the earliest to save their time and money.  

You can follow Bianca on Instagram to know more about her. 

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