Posing with Chiru, Urvashi gets ready for a special song

Posing with Chiru, Urvashi gets ready for a special song

Entertainer and model Urvashi Rautela has imparted an image to megastar Cheeranjeevi via online entertainment.

Urvashi took to Instagram, where she shared the image. The entertainer is seen looking all splendid in a flaring orange shirt matched with dazzling pink jeans while Cheeranjeevi looked agreeable in a white Shirt and dark pants.

“At the point when I win grants, I consider my folks. As far as I might be concerned, being the best means demonstrating it in various nations and universe. Appreciative Megastar @chiranjeevikonidela garu, #BobbyKolli @mythriofficial #WaltairVeerayya,” she composed as the inscription.

Urvashi will be found in chief Bobby Kolli’s forthcoming activity performer ‘Waltair Veerayya’, highlighting Chiranjeevi and Ravi Teja leading the pack. The film will have a unique melody highlighting Urvashi.

Charged to be a mass-activity performer bound with every one of the business fixings, the film is created on an excellent scale by Naveen Yerneni and Y. Ravi Shankar, while G.K. Mohan is the co-maker.

Arthur A. Wilson wrenches the camera, though Niranjan Devaramane is the proofreader and A.S. Prakash is the creation creator. Sushmita Konidela is the outfit architect.

While the story and exchanges are composed by Bobby himself, Kona Venkat and K. Chakravarthy Reddy have written the screenplay. The composing office additionally incorporates Hari Mohana Krishna and Vineeth Potluri.

‘Waltair Veerayya’ will raise a ruckus around town for Sankranti, 2023.

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