Prakash Dhingra’s Rebellious Journey from Ordinary to Extraordinary

<strong>Prakash Dhingra’s Rebellious Journey from Ordinary to Extraordinary</strong>

There’s hardship wherever there’s success and freedom. People strive to give their best to achieve freedom and enjoyment in their lives. Prakash Dhingra, AKA “rebel___biker”, is one such extraordinary person. You may not have brimming information about him on search engines. But he has worked his best to make himself known to the world through his social media posts on Instagram.

He is a banker. He is a private financer. He is a rebellious biker. Prakash collaborates with various organizations and showcases his talent for bike riding in the best possible way. Some of his collaborations were with “triumphspeedtriple” and “triumphspeedtriplers1200”. His excellent bike riding skills make his followers swoon over his talent. He inspires many youngsters and bike-riding aspirants who learn pro tips from him.

Besides his adventures, he has suffered also. The 39-year-old Bangalore-based adventurer lost his grandfather and father in 2021. They served as great pillars of his self-esteem. But, he persevered from the shock and returned to his business.

He is married and is a father to a son. As an Investment Banker, he works with capital investment and different entities. And as a biker, he shares his beautiful moments through YouTube videos and Instagram posts. His YouTube posts showcase him as a vibrant personality who is not afraid of challenges. He has traveled to many places solely with the help of his bike. He never hesitates to share his journey’s rebellious moments with his followers and fans. Indeed, it’s no surprise that he has a great fan following on Instagram. His LinkedIn profile describes his fearless attitude in the best way.

He states that one should never be scared of choosing a unique path. His dedication and hard work make him the owner of vast net worth. As per the information for 2022, he earns nearly 15 Crores annually! His journey proves that one can do whatever he likes and earn his living grandly out of that !

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