Rachid El Khabbachi: A successful self-made businessman Who Was A Street Fighter

Rachid El Khabbachi: A successful self-made businessman Who Was A Street Fighter

Experiencing life on Mauritania’s roads and having nothing to eat a family to feed hunger and poverty everywhere to live in that society and survive in the community is something unimaginable and unbearable for anyone. Still, Rachid EI Khabbachi was the one who spent his entire childhood there, hoping for a better future is something so hard.

Hardships of life:

Rachid faced a harsh life in his childhood. He once said in an interview that even he begs for food. Now his life Kendal Jenner, the game, Neymar, KarimBenzema, French Montana, all the top celebrities are his friends, and his friends invite him to Miami and Dubai. He also asked them to France and Germany and other countries like that. These celebrities are also good friends with him on social media. These are all because of the fact that now he is successful and one of the most famous businessmen. Still, he struggled hard to achieve all these in his life. He had done a business of buying and purchasing to make his living; he uses to buy ornaments like gold and diamond and then sell them at high rates and again invest the business shares’ profit. He worked hard to make his living and feed his family and chase his dreams of being a successful businessman.

Social welfare tasks:

He worked really hard to achieve whatever he has; he actively participates in many charity tasks to help the poor and needy people; his life is a true inspiration for a lot of people struggling in their lives. The president of Africa invited him to acknowledge his efforts for the deserving people because he is a true inspiration for the upcoming generations and an expected documentary on the life of Rachid EI Khabbachi by Netflix. His struggles in life from a street fighter to a successful businessman is a remarkable achievement. His life is a real motivation for the people around him. He is also a motivational speaker and a social influencer; he really inspires people due to his remarkable achievements and contributions towards charity. He has a vast social media following. People follow him and appreciate his work.

Moreover, soon people will be able to watch his biography, created by Netflix. We are looking forward for his further work and achievements. Don’t forget to follow him on his Instagram account where he used to upload different posts on regular basis.

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