Rajat Singla: A meticulous digital marketing expert increasing the online presence of people & how

Rajat Singla: A meticulous digital marketing expert increasing the online presence of people & how

Generally, it happens that when a person comes from a small town, their dreams are not as little as the place they come from. With bigger dreams in their eyes, they think of the many things they wish to achieve in life. Not all get through the struggles & difficulties what life offers, but a few people have enough endurance & courage in them to transform their life story by stepping out of their homes, get the plan straight in their head & start working towards it. The person who comes into the latter category is Rajat Singla. This young man, with his out of the box ideas & vision towards his work, has today become a successful businessman wearing the hat of an entrepreneur at a very young age.

Born in Patiala, Punjab on January 8, 1991, this young boy at only 15 started his career by working for a website called VIP Punjab. Rajat worked for the site by making its website & also did the designing work for the same. The 6 feet tall man after getting his degree in BA & working for various websites, stepped into the field of import/export of PVC wall panels. His company named “Wall Decor” wholesales products across India that is imported from China. Along with this business, Rajat swiftly made a move into the field of social media marketing with his company named is “Shiraj Media”.

And, since then Rajat has worked with several celebrities from Bollywood, Hollywood & the TV industry for managing their social media presence in the digital space & helping them increase their rankings on Google through efficient PR work & marketing strategies to increase their followers in the virtual world & otherwise.

Some of the strategies that Rajat uses & applies in his work for celebrity management, PR work, social media marketing & management, etc. of his clients are:

Increased mentions in the press – With the PR activities & work that Rajat & his company carry out, it helps the brand or the celeb to gain increased mention in the media/press.

Boosting brand/celeb engagement – By taking care of activities that involve the brand or the celeb to interact & engage more with the people or their existing followers, Rajat helps in increasing their popularity.

Generating new leads or followers – Consistently providing news & information about the client to people & the existing followers that forward the same to others in their circle help in generating more & more leads with the continuous efforts put by Rajat & his company.

The above are just some of the many techniques that Rajat & his company Shiraj Media Works collectively put in place to apply the ideas & strategies in the right direction to help the clients increase their traction online organically & also help them gain the admiration & love from people.

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