Meet Kareem Elmashad the man behind ‘I am Dubai’ app

Meet Kareem Elmashad the man behind ‘I am Dubai’ app

Kareem Elmashad is an entrepreneur who innovated ‘I am Dubai’ App, He was born on 6th February 1993 in Cairo, Egypt.

Social media influencers today hold the keys to boosting a business into the limelight overnight. The new app, ‘I am Dubai’, launched by entrepreneur Kareem Elmashad, aims to make it easier to connect the world of glamor and modeling with restaurants, nightlife, and entertainment industry.

‘I am Dubai’ is a social media agency founded by award-winning entrepreneur Kareem  Elmashad. The agency is making waves for its app and the business format, where models and social media influencers can partner with restaurants, and receive free meals in exchange for creating a good vibe, hype and more. ‘I am Dubai’ has so far collaborated with 14 dining restaurants, and signed up over 4,500 models.

Kareem Elmashad did not get the idea of the app overnight. He has spent six years in the hospitality industry and observed how restaurants would invite popular models and influencers at random and in a casual way, post pics on Instagram and hype the venue’s popularity.

‘I am Dubai’ makes the entire process well organized and scales it up. The app is open to the entire Middle East market and connects models from well-known fashion agencies to F&B, fitness, health and beauty industries. The process is simple: register on the website, fill in the details including the Instagram profile for a review and get access to the platform. The mandatory action is to post pics on Instagram as you see on @i.amdubai, as it is here that the business or venue gets its traffic.

“Our team works from offices in Kiev, Ukraine, and Dubai to maintain the site and the app. The entire business is done online, and this gives us the flexibility we need,” says Kareem Elmashad.

Kareem is 27 years old and has become an inspiration for young and aspiring entrepreneurs. He grew up working at events and nightlife venues did online courses in marketing and social media management and graphic design and spent hours learning the inside tricks of social media. He moved on to handling events and then entered into hospitality. Today, he is leading the trends when it comes to leveraging social media for its maximum advantage you can know more about him by visiting his Instagram @kareemelmashad or .

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