Read Canadian Singer 23KP’s Interesting QnA Interview

Read Canadian Singer 23KP’s Interesting QnA Interview

Stage Name

Question: What’s your profession?

Answer: Artist/Producer

Question: When did you start?

Answer: I’ve been singing since before I can remember, and I’ve always had a love for poetry. By the age of 12 I began writing my own lyrics and creating melodies in my head. It wasn’t until my 20’s that I decided to pursue this professionally.

Question: What made you step in this field?

Answer: Music is a way of life. I’ve been living it since day one. Vibing with everything from Mozart to Makaveli, I had a pretty diverse listening preference. I soon discovered/realized the interconnection between poetry and song. This was poetic music I was making.

Question: What do you find interesting about this field?

Answer: Music is a universal language. Someone once said, “it is the language of the Gods.”
Music makes me feel. It can take me anywhere. For that moment, the listener is taken to the musician’s world that they’ve created.
Being able to not only release what I feel, but give others insight to a glimpse of that is mystical.

Question: What are your future plans?

Answer: Continue channeling and releasing my energy through music.

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