Review of HIT 2: Adivi Sesh’s film is incredibly engrossing

Review of HIT 2: Adivi Sesh’s film is incredibly engrossing

Writing a suspenseful thriller is a difficult undertaking. It’s not simple to keep a reader or spectator interested until the very last page or scene, to give them enough information to figure out the puzzle while yet misleading them subtly. Filmmaker Sailesh Kolanu has written HIT 2: The Second Case, the follow-up to the popular movie HIT: The First Case, which was also translated into Hindi. With a third instalment currently in development, the HIT series has evolved into a franchise. These movies take place in the same universe, a concept made popular by Marvel, rather than being standalone productions where the producers are merely cashing in on the HIT brand.

The Homicide Intervention Team (HIT), which specialises in forensics to identify the perpetrators, is led by the Superintendent of Police of Visakhapatnam, Krishna Dev, also known as KD (Adivi Sesh). KD is a haughty policeman. His confidence comes from his capacity to solve a crime in a flash. What types of crimes has he actually solved, though? And can he stop a serial killer with his current abilities?

KD, who has a reputation for solving crimes swiftly, is given a challenging task to find the assailant out on the streets. The main character of HIT 2 faces a formidable antagonist who is always one step ahead of him, making it difficult for both KD and the audience, who are trying to solve the crime alongside him, to identify him until the very end.

The ending is important when writing a thriller. Up to the very end, writer-director Sailesh is successful in keeping the audience wondering. However, it is disappointing that he opts for a simple solution to wrap up the narrative. He conveniently ends it with a stupid explanation after tricking the audience by displaying a character with an alibi.

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