Samit Patel: The Demands Of Running A Business

Samit Patel: The Demands Of Running A Business

Why should companies work with you?

I firmly believe that good leaders are good communicators, and this includes how we work with our clients as well. Our entire culture is very transparent. While other agencies will sometimes keep clients in the dark and not always act in their best interest, we prefer to constantly keep in touch with clients and let them know what we’re doing for them. This is why our agency is recommended by Kickstarter and Indiegogo themselves, as well as by various accelerators and incubators.

What has surprised you most about running your own business?

It never ends. The demands don’t stop; they just change as your company grows. You always have to stay on your toes and keep evolving as those demands change. Since I run a marketing agency, I have to keep educating myself on every social platform. They constantly change algorithms and add new features, so I have to be aware of everything that could impact how I work with my clients. Marketing is incredibly complex, and it requires near-daily education to stay at the forefront.

What’s your definition of success?

Whenever someone tells me that my work made them successful, I call that a success. 

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