How Charlie Ambrose is Dominating Social Media

How Charlie Ambrose is Dominating Social Media

Charlie Ambrose has perfected the game of growing an audience on social media. He first began monetizing Instagram through a basketball-themed Instagram page with over 40,000 followers. Charlie later sold that initial page to sports media startup Wave Sports and joined the Wave team.

Climbing his way up the social media ranks, six months into his time with Wave, Charlie was managing one of Wave’s largest basketball pages, @dunked (now @buckets) with 900,000 followers and a team of five content creators that he directed.

After working with Wave for just over a year, Ambrose decided to pursue his own venture, Cuick Media. Cuick is a collective of heavily-followed sports pages on Instagram, Facebook, and the currently-exploding social platform, TikTok. Cuick currently has nearly one hundred members and over one million total followers.

While running social media advertising campaigns for companies via Cuick, Charlie noticed that too many business owners and high-ranking business executives did not know nor understand the power of social media for their respective businesses. To solve this issue, Charlie founded his advertising and social media consulting agency, Flex Media Marketing.

Flex (found at is a full-scale social media marketing company that places a special emphasis on Instagram and TikTok. Charlie Ambrose founded Flex in September of 2019 and has been able to provide both immense organic follower growth and heightened social brand image to numerous companies and small businesses since its inception. The team at Flex prides itself on always being available to its clients, whether that is by text, call, or email and never buying nor selling any fake or inorganic followers.

With Flex, Charlie and his team have worked with companies in every industry from industrial manufacturing to fishing to phone services to sports. “It is always awesome to see the look on a business owner’s face when he or she sees that follower count jump 10x or 20x. It is that look of endless possibilities and a new-found frontier,” Charlie writes.

Charlie Ambrose and Flex are making massive waves in the world of digital marketing. You can find Charlie on Instagram @_charlesambrose_.

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