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Sang Min Lim Leads Spotify 100 Playlists

Sang Min Lim Leads Spotify 100 Playlists

Music is a powerful vehicle for change, therapy and enjoyment and it is the last of the three that usually appeals most to listeners. But not everyone can find the right combination of elements that make great music. One musician, a rising Pop start named Sang Min Lim has found the winning formula for creating exceptional music.  His success is evident through the millions of fans he’s already gained and the speed with which his career is growing.

A Trajectory to fame

Online visitors are flocking to his YouTube page by the droves. Currently, his relatively your YouTube page has over 17,000 subscribers and his music videos have garnered a combined viewing rate of over 3 million. And he’s just as popular on Instagram as well. With dedicated fans hailing from the furthest corners of the globe, Sang is essentially taking the music world by storm.

Two of his music videos, ‘Fantasy’ and  ‘Remember’ have attracted over a million views while the other two ‘Levitate’ and ‘Follow’ are fast moving toward that target. Fantasy which was released first was an immediate his hooking millions (over 1.8 million viewers to be exact). From then on Sang’s career has been speeding towards global fame. Currently he has millions of fans from varying geographical locations, ages and social backgrounds. Sang’s rise to fame has taken place over a period of just a few months and so you can just imagine how much more popular he’ll be in another few months.

Among the things fans love about Sang’s music are the rhythmical beats, his melodious voice and the great lyrics.  His R&B flavoured beats are almost hypnotic which is why many fans find it captivating. The groovy beats invite listeners to dance and stimulate a mellow vibe. In addition to R&B flavours, sang incorporates Electronic and hip hop styles. This gives his music a very modern and hypnotic essence.

And his lyrics are the stuff of sheer genius. Not only are his messages universal enough to connect with fans from around the world, they are also creative and catchy. Sang merges English with the language of his Korean background (he lived in South Korea from birth until age 19) in his songs, which resonates with audiences who have a penchant for blended cultures. He manages to do this without sacrificing musical quality.

A Firm Foundation

It is no wonder that Sang’s music is so great. He is a musician with a very interesting background. Outside of his Korean ancestry, he also has a rich academic foundation having completed studies for a degree in Economics from Brown University and having embarked on studies in the field of law at the University of Southern California. To top it all off he’s had experience as a model.

Sang’s rise to fame has been incredible so far. But it is by no means over. In fact what we’re seeing now, impressive as it is, is the beginning of something that is destined d to balloon to epic proportions.

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