Sergey Kartashov of Generation Partners says his work resembles with gold hunting

Sergey Kartashov of Generation Partners says his work resembles with gold hunting

Sergey Kartashov (Sergejs Kartasovs), the CEO of Generation Partners, a Cyprus-based IT asset management firm, talks about the responsibilities of an asset management company in the field of Information Technology. He is an experienced person in the field of business and finance. He is a University of Malta graduate in Science and Computing. He earned a degree in MBA from the Riga Business School. He worked in the banking sector for almost 10 years where he worked with international clients. In 2019, he joined Generation Partners as the chief executive officer (CEO). He tells about the different prospects of IT asset management work.

The Working of an Asset Management Firm

The main purpose of an asset management company is to find unique, profitable, and worthwhile startup projects and bring them to the investors. Generation Partners mainly deals with the management of assets in the field of video technology and information technology. So, the work of an IT asset manager is to analyze the startups and companies from different perspectives. These perspectives include the study of legal compliance, the competitiveness of employees, and skills of management. “Developers are geeks, but often they behave like creative people. Often, they can create an ingenious product, but at the same time, they may not be able to competently bring it to the market,” says Sergey Kartashov. A skillful and motivated team is required to make a new product successful in a competitive market. The job of an analyst is to hunt those potential products like a gold hunter.

Similarly, Sergey Kartashov talks about another important responsibility of an IT asset management firm. The experts are responsible for finding worthwhile products that can solve a certain problem. It reduces the risk and enhances the value of the product. The value of the company that manufactures a unique, problem-solving product also increases. He notes, “It is better to choose companies that have developed a unique innovative product that solves an urgent problem. This practically eliminates competition risks and increases the cost of both the product and the company.”

The asset management experts also guide a company in terms of relocation. According to Sergey Kartashov(Sergejs Kartasovs), Cyprus has developed into an IT hub for the relocating companies. It has implemented various legislations and tax reforms to attract companies, especially, from post-Soviet countries. Along with Cyprus, there are various other potential locations in this regard including Malta, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, and the US. These countries are highly comfortable for IT businesses to operate. “The standard of living on the island has an ideal quality-to-price ratio,” notes Kartashov about Cyprus. The IP-Box regime is another key factor that makes Cyprus one of the most favorable locations for operating an IT firm. The island has made Double Taxation Agreements with various countries. Moreover, it has developed a huge community of IT developers.

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