Serial Entrepreneur, Jake Falcon helps brands scale significantly by enhancing website performance

Serial Entrepreneur, Jake Falcon helps brands scale significantly by enhancing website performance

Jake Falcon moved to Australia because he knew that success didn’t have any geographical boundaries. As he started working as an entertainer, his business took off. Fans were often thronging him for pictures and replies on social media. But Falcon decided to go bigger. While working on his business model of expansion, he realized that sales and marketing were two aspects that complement each other. He saw how some companies had a fabulous social media presence but lacked the sales acumen crucial for building sales processes.

Falcon had already recognized the forthcoming change in the market and was ready to face it with full enthusiasm. Digital marketing was already around the corner, and he had great strategies to make it a success. Slowly, his ideas started taking shape, and Falcon had to commit his time to see that everything was carried out according to plan. In 2018, this visionary businessman started investing in marketing resources to scale with full force.

Things slowly started gaining momentum, but it was not until 2019 that Falcon realized that he could use his revolutionary ideas on digital marketing to help other small businesses in need. The possibilities were endless, and this hard-working man started working on them as soon as he realized this. He started laying a framework for a new type of marketing agency that would run on principles of the modern era. He implied his learnings so that he could provide the best results to his clients. Falcon had already understood the importance of driving sales, and he made sure to execute this in all his social media campaigns.

Falcon Media was born, and soon enough, Falcon was a walking testimonial to his clients who approached him with the expectation of driving sales and revenue through social media. The owner of this successful digital marketing agency spends most of his time today researching and coming up with innovative brand marketing techniques that have the potential of making waves in the media.

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