Shah Rukh Khan’s residence has a “Diamond” nameplate; wife Gauri weighs in

Shah Rukh Khan’s residence has a “Diamond” nameplate; wife Gauri weighs in

New Delhi: There have been numerous rumours that the nameplate on Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s Mumbai house Mannat is set with diamonds ever since it received a new nameplate and an entrance door. In her most recent Instagram post, Gauri Khan—who designed the nameplate for her home—explained that the nameplate is actually composed of a “transparent substance with glass crystals.” Gauri Khan posted a photo of herself with the Mannat entrance and wrote: “Your family and guests enter through the front door of your home. Therefore, the nameplate draws good energy… We selected a transparent material with glass crystals that have a calming, upbeat, and cheerful energy.” The hashtag #GauriKhanDesigns was added by her.

There were several reports earlier this month that claimed the aforementioned nameplate is covered in diamonds. Even some media reports claimed that it would cost between 20 and 25 lakhs. Many fan pages dedicated to SRK had shared pictures and videos from the redesigned nameplate, which went insanely viral on social media.

Through their posts, SRK and Gauri Khan’s bungalow is frequently visible. Shah Rukh Khan shared snippets from his meet-and-greet with fans at Mannat on his birthday.

Interior designer Gauri Khan is the proprietor of the opulent Gauri Khan Designs in Mumbai. Over the years, she has renovated a number of celebrity homes and restaurants in the suburbs of Mumbai. She has decorated homes for several Bollywood A-listers such as Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan and Karan Johar among others. Restaurants like Arth and Sanchos were created by her. She also designed Alia Bhatt’s vanity van. Other than that, she is a film producer and made her debut as an author 2 years ago.

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