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Simon Alex Is Making The Difference For The Upcoming Stars

Simon Alex Is Making The Difference For The Upcoming Stars

Besides the artist’s efforts and talent, who decides about making it or not? Who are the important people behind a successful career in the music industry?

Simon Alex was 15 years old when he witnessed his major break through in the music industry. With strong support of industry greats such as Tiësto, Hardwell, Swedish House Mafia, Martin Garrix and Steve Angello, the teenager emerged to the top level of the industry. SHM member Angello also took the teenager under his wing. Simon Alex quickly rose to one of the EDM scene’s most celebrated newcomers. Member of the EDM elite, years of successful touring were at the of the young talent’s feet. But Simon Alex made a pivotal decision, shifting his focus on playing a different part within the industry. The producer launched his label Fly AVTR while still releasing
his own work, but already had a bigger vision for the multi-service business.

He started working behind the scenes, helping touring top DJs produce and finish their own records. During this process, he gradually shifted to a rather pop-oriented production, highly benefitting from his production skills as an EDM producer. A genre, that has widened its influence into other genres such as pop and hip-hop simultaneously with Simon Alex development.

Turning Talent Into Stars

The most astonishing fact about his early success? Alex was still visiting high school at this time. And following a one year stint at New York University’s prestigious Clive Davis Institute of Recorded music, the youngster already felt more than experienced enough to take things to the next level. He started managing the at the time 12-year-old rapper Bouba Savage, the teenage sensation that was destined to go viral with his
song ‘Buss It Down’. The rest is another chapter in his ongoing success story.

Simon Alex’ involvement at this time would go way beyond the music management, but lead to his artist’s collaborations with major brands such as Nike, Helmut Lang, Footlocker, and others. Fly AVTR’s roster of artists would grow to an impressive portfolio in very short time. Although the name of the label had been used by the artist before, the business was officially launched earlier this year. His list of clients is currently growing, with prominent names such as the Universal Music Group, Lil Tecca, Columbia Records, Brockhampton, SOPHIE, Fivio Foreign, Republic Records, Kenny Beats, as well as the late superstars Juice WRLD & Pop Smoke amongst many other success stories associated with Fly AVTR.

Despite the harsh pace and tone in the music industry, there are a handful of of pioneers who carefully make the right decisions for their young artists. Simon Alex is one of those, whose game plans unfold into long term success, rather than the quick sell out.

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