Sithlord Chamba Drops a Throwback Banger With “Breezy”

Sithlord Chamba Drops a Throwback Banger With “Breezy”

Over the past few years, Sithlord Chamba’s career has evolved and expanded in ways that perhaps even he wouldn’t have thought possible. His character acquired near-cult status among some online fandoms, and although some people think of him as a controversial rapper, he has definitely earned his stars with some skillfully produced tracks and iconic lines.

This happens to be the case for his most recent single, “Breezy“. This new studio effort showcases a production style that strays from the average trap beat trend of the moment, chasing instead a sound that throws back to the early 2000s. When listening to this powerful beat, producers such as Timbaland, The Neptunes or Dr. Dre come to mind. The big string melodies are cinematic and well-placed, driving the song, but still allowing some room for the rapper’s vocals to stand out.

Although some people might balk at these comparisons, it is clear to hear where Sithlord Chamba’s influences come from here. The song tips the hat off to legendary icons such as Jay Z or Eminem. There is a throwback element to this single, but the song is by no means a nostalgic affair. On the contrary, it’s a fast-paced, in-your-face, no-compromise song that feels like a breath of fresh air, far away from the usual aesthetics that are crowding the trap and hip-hop charts these days. This song feels like a bold move for him, who is signaling his desire to keep carving a space for himself away from trends and cliches.

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