Syed Irfanuddin: The young business personality creating his own legacy just like his father with his empire RR Group of Companies.

Syed Irfanuddin: The young business personality creating his own legacy just like his father with his empire RR Group of Companies.

His commitment, grit and passion for making a positive difference in people’s lives even amidst the pandemic have risen Syed Irfanuddin as an altruistic entrepreneur.

Year after year, we have witnessed how young individuals enter a certain industry, bring about new advancements and change the destiny of the sector for the better with their creative and innovative ideas and with their sharp business acumen. Many a time it happens that all those individuals who go ahead and attain success are the ones who draw great inspiration from their parents and topping this list of young entrepreneurs is Hyderabad-based Syed Irfanuddin, who has always considered his father a role model and following his footsteps, has created his own unique name with their empire RR Group of Companies.

Syed Hameeduddin, his father five decades ago used to repair bicycle punctures near Charminar of Hyderabad. Little did he know then that his quest to create a life of his dreams would take him into the entrepreneurial world. However, his continuous hard work and right decisions at the right time helped him to get into the tobacco industry. Syed Irfanuddin recollects how all family members used to help his father for running his business smoothly. Seeing all the years of hard work and how his father created a legacy, Syed Irfanuddin took immense inspiration from him and got into the business world to further develop and expand their empire, RR Group of Companies.

The biggest challenge for the young entrepreneur was the fact that he was born with a golden spoon but yet learnt how to remain humble all his life just like his father and also learnt how to maintain relations with everyone. His empire RR Group of Companies, where he serves as the Vice Chairman, has become a household name in Hyderabad with manufacturing great quality spices and kitchen products and rising to the top in the realty and development sector as well.

To grow more as a high-performing entrepreneur and expand his business, Syed Irfanuddin also founded a group of companies for catering to all the needs of people of the modern-day world in the form of WIIZ. It is an acronym formed with the first letters of his name and his brothers’, Waqar, Imran, Irfan and Zeeshan. The company has expanded itself into verticals like WIIZ Realtors LLP, WIIZ Health Tech and WIIZ LED. Getting into the real estate, healthcare and electrical supplies industry, Syed Irfanuddin and his brothers have just begun and are already looking out for ways they can diversify more, with the aim to not dilute the true essence of RR Group of Companies.

COVID times have changed many things for many people. So many of the individuals have even lost their jobs, but Syed Irfanuddin has come at the forefront to help all the workforce by planning to start many new ventures that can give employment opportunities to people. Learning from his father, Syed Irfanuddin and his brothers went all out to be of help to people in ways more than one. They provided people with daily cooked meals, ration kits, free oxygen cylinders for the COVID affected families and their father even helped their workforce with COVID tests and immunity-boosting medicines under RR Charitable Trust.

Syed Irfanuddin’s next goal is for mid-2021, where he is planning to take his business much nearer its visions and strengthen their presence and prominence in the sector of electrical supplies and realty. Syed Irfanuddin has proved what diligence and determination can help achieve individuals in their career and life.

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